About Us

At ABC Do-Re-ME! we have a simple philosophy: children learn best when they’re having fun. Our programs provide solid musical education in a lively environment designed specifically for young minds. Our musical curriculum boasts everything from lullabies to folk rock, gentle melodies to driving beats—music that your kids will actually like!

Our highly trained teachers lead the students in fully interactive classes that might find them playing an instrument one minute and improvising a dance the next. This hands-on exploration gives children an immersive musical experience releasing their creativity and allowing their brains to forge connections that are unique to musical training. Plus, let’s face it: music is fun!

We offer the flexibility of drop-in classes for busy parents. Attend as often as you’d like, no contract required. We have designed our programs specifically to work with this drop-in model so kids can come five times a week or five times a month without missing a beat. Discounts apply for families who choose to come more frequently We also have monthly memberships, or you can sign up for a class package. We ask that your child be accompanied by an adult companion for each class, not just as a caregiver but to join in the fun.

About Us

At ABC Do-Re-ME! music classes are not based on pseudoscience or adult judgments about what kind of music is ideal for kids. Lessons are built around the music that children respond to, whether it is Pete Seeger or Lady Gaga.The goal is to ensure that children are singing, dancing and having a good time. If they go home with a smile and beg to go back for more music the next day, our mission has been accomplished.Ellie Greenberg, Founder