Why a Kids Music Franchise Could Be Your Next Move

You would ideally like to strive for a job that doesn’t actually feel like work. The old saying “love your job, and you will never work a day in your life” is something that most people would agree with, and it allows for more positive living.  The job market is very uncertain, but having your own business could be the answer to maintaining a financially secure future. Here at ABC Do Re ME! we offer music programs to help you build a franchise with a focus on children. We can help you make it both fun and fulfilling by using creative, high energy music from newborn babies to the age of five.  You will have a fulfilling music franchise with us, while providing relevant music education.

Why a Franchise Could Be Right for You

Kids Music FranchiseYou will notice that our music program is flexible, and is available at the initial low investment price of $1000. If you have a passion for music, and are looking to incorporate it into your schedule; a kids music franchise could be your next move. Some of our most successful clients are musicians, actors, teachers, the self-employed and stay-at-home mothers and fathers.  Furthermore, you might be performing nursery rhymes to babies or toddlers, or strumming along to the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” with preschool children using dances, instruments or even books.  It is well-known that kids will retain information and learn more effectively with music, as well as having fun while doing it.

Convenience for a Busy Schedule

Our music programs are based on three main areas, which are flexibility, affordability, and quality. The programs and curriculums we offer are based on a “drop-in” model. This means that parents can buy a single class or a package of classes, and their kids can come to any music class at their families’ convenience. This is not only convenient for the students, but also for you to grow your franchise as well. You can add new clients constantly, without relying on semester based registration. Even with a full-time job, you have the option of making your franchise a part-time commitment.  You even have the luxury of running your business from home.

Why We Stand Out From the Rest

The fact we offer several program options and more affordable classes for parents, means that you will profit more from your kids music franchise. You will receive more clients with the way our music programs are set up. Moreover, you will get support from ABC Do Re ME! because we will promote your songs and books that you write. Everyone will be able to see your talent, which will possibly open more opportunities for you.

Furthermore, your originality can be incorporated into your lessons, and you can improvise with the lessons and class structure. You also don’t have to worry about mandatory purchases like teacher kits or students’ kits if you register with us. In addition, there is no inventory required, and you will be provided with a web-page and registration system.  Even if you are inexperienced with teaching children, we offer free online training as well. There is retail commission for selling products and a school program available with us.

If this sounds like a career for you, please feel free contact us today or fill out an information request form on our website.

Music Franchise Opportunities to Help Create Musical Geniuses

If you have a passion for music and would like to incorporate it into your work life, then music franchise opportunities could be the answer. There are many child –focused music programs you can teach at ABC Do-Re-ME, and we will help you every step of the way.  You will work with newborns and kids up to the age of five, in an innovative and creative environment by using movement programs. We stand by the notion that music helps a child learn, and can make your job a fulfilling one. Kids will learn lullabies to folk rock, or even soft melodies that they will enjoy.

What Does The Franchise Include?

Music FranchiseIf you decide to invest in a franchise with us, you will be obligated to an initial franchise cost of $1000, or $1500 in other countries.  Some of the other fees include a basic start-up kit, cost of instruments, books, and props at a price of $500. In addition, you will have a franchise fee of $150 per month as well as a technology fee of $20.  You will also receive a comprehensive general liability insurance, which ranges from $150-225 a year. ASCAP/BMI musicians’ royalty fees are also included, and the prices range from $45-88 per year for each licensing organization. It is also determined by the number of students who are in your class.

What is included in your investment?

You will receive a sound system with a music player such as an Mp3 player with speakers. You will also receive a computer system that includes a PC, printer, and access to email and the Internet. You will also have a telephone with voice mail or an answering machine. In addition, you will also receive a turn-key business operation, a teaching manual with complete curriculums and lesson plans. We will provide you with an operational manual, your own web-page, an online registration system and a franchisee portal. Moreover, you will also have an email marketing system, easy and free online training as well retail discounts and retail commission.

Our Programs

Our musical programs help you tailor the lessons the way you want.  For example, the Musical Play date class, which is our most popular class, provides a blend of fun and learning. You will be able to teach in ways that will keep the attention of the little ones.

Be Creative

You can use instruments, dance moves, and even singing while the kids learn at the same time. Moreover, our musical stories program allows you to read selected books to children. There is music integrated to set the mood of the story. In addition, the classical play date classes expose kids to some of the most beautiful compositions ever written.

The Boogey Baby class is a cute dance party for newborns and their parents. Our clients can groove along to music from today’s most popular music artists like Lady Gaga and Madonna, while using a carrier for the baby. The private in-house musical play date program allows you to meet with a group of parents in a home, building, or a community room to have the music lessons.  Another type of lesson is our happy birthday parties.

If you are a person who thrives on making a difference in a child’s life, let ABC Do-Re-ME help you set up your franchise today.

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