At ABC Do-Re-ME! we have a simple philosophy: children learn best when they’re having fun. Our music programs provide solid musical education in a lively environment designed specifically for young minds. Our musical curriculum boasts everything from lullabies to folk rock, gentle melodies to driving beats—music that your kids will actually like!

Just Imagine…

Imagine a job where you can play music in front of screaming fans while building a solid and successful business. The only catch? Your fans might be under the age of 5. Our music franchise owners get to do what they love every day – making music while helping babies, toddlers and preschool children learn through song, dance, instruments and books. From nursery rhymes to the Beatles, from tom-toms to tambourines, our music programs provide valuable music education while the kids are having too much fun to realize they’re learning. And you’re having too much fun to believe you get paid for it.

And all for the low franchise fee of only $1,000.

Why students choose ABC Do-Re-ME!

Our music programs based on our successful and proven three-tiered business model “FAQ”.

  • Flexibility
  • Affordability
  • Quality

Our business methodology does away with the concept of a semester based program. We have found that programs based on a semester are often inconvenient and un-manageable to parents of small children. Our music programs and curriculums are specially designed to work on a “drop-in” model. The idea is simple: buy a single class or a package of classes and come to any music class at any time.


Whether dropping in on class during a rainy day or buying a package of classes to get through a long winter, our model has won a loyal following in the most competitive markets. By offering a flexible music program at a reasonable price with a curriculum built from the ground up for this type of class structure, we have developed a winning combination.

Our flagship product, the “Musical Playdate”, has been featured in many publications. We were rated as one of the best program for kids by CBS New York. We consistently rank as on the best music programs for children. Its success is easily demonstrated by the high rate of returning students.

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Who should become an ABC Do-Re-ME! Franchisee?

Our music franchise is perfect for anyone looking to combine his or her love of music with a full time or part time work schedule. Some of our successful music franchise owners have included:

Musicians Actors Teachers Stay-at-home moms or dads Entrepreneurs

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