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pay-as-you-go music classes that won’t break the bank!

Musical Playdate

Are you ready to make some music? In our Musical Playdate class we’ll shakeMusical Playdate Logo our sillies out, ask if you know a chicken or put silly animal hats on our heads all while using fun and age appropriate instruments.

Our most popular class, the Musical Playdate provides a perfect balance between laughing and learning. From nursery rhymes to pop hits, our eclectic mix of music keeps the kids hopping and the smiles coming as our guitar playing instructors dish out a big helping of fun laced with teaching moments. Instruments, dance grooves and boisterous singing add to the party as the children gain a musical education without realizing it.

This 45-minute drop-in class is designed for children ages 0-5 years and their fun-loving adult companions.

Musical Stories

Do you have a chicken living across the street? Do you go to belly buttonMusical Stories Logo beach? Do you have a pet turtle?

Tales of belly buttons, hippos and neighborly chickens often make an appearance in our Musical Stories class, accompanied by the unexpected tones of a nose flute or washboard tie. Our instructors read carefully selected books to the children, seamlessly integrating music to enhance the plot and provide an interactive experience as the kids sing and play along. Let your child’s imagination soar as he or she discovers a love of books and music in this magical and often-silly setting.

This 45-minute drop-in class is designed for children ages 12 months to 5 years and their adult companions who are willing to read and play with them.

Classical Playdate

Did you know it took Beethoven 4 years to wrote the fifth symphony? Did youClassical Playdate Logo know he was more than half deaf when he composed it? Did you know his wig was really big?

Whether marching around the room to the pulsing beat of Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King or making up silly lyrics to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, your child will have a rip-roaring good time as our talented instructors sneak in a classical music education under the cover of hilarious fun. Our classical music curriculum includes many of the greatest compositions ever written, accompanied by the students on unique and often giggle-inducing instruments.

This 45-minute drop-in class is designed for children ages 2-5 years and their music-loving adult companions.

Jammin Parties

ABC Do-Re-ME! would be delighted to provide a fun-filled, interactive musical birthday party for your child!

Our Music Teachers are experts at creating a birthday around your special theme, using dancing, singing, instruments, puppets, balls, parachute, a birthday story and more.

What’s included:

Basic Party:

One hour of musical fun, including 15 minutes of
exploring and gathering time based on your theme.

Customized activities using instruments, streamers, puppet play, dancing, singing, parachute and more!


Party Planning
Complete party decorations and invitations
Party Favors
Birthday Gift
Arts and Craft projects

You will need to find the place to hold the party – in your home, at a local community center, in your neighborhood library – anywhere suitable to accommodate a group of children having fun!

The most successful Parties are held indoors in a large room with open floor space and as few distractions (i.e., food, toys, other activities) as possible.

NOTE: The space must be large enough for all in attendance to sit and stand in a circle as well as to move around freely.

*Prices start at $150 for a basic party