Your Investment

  • Initial franchise cost of $1,000 in the U.S. and $1,500 in other countries.
  • Basic Start-up Kit cost of instruments, books and props – $500
  • Monthly continuing franchise fee of $150 per month plus $20 Technology fee
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance. $150 to $225 a year
  • ASCAP/BMI musicians’ royalty fees. Fees average between $45 and $88 per year for each licensing organization
    and are determined by the number of participants attending your class(es).
  • A sound system with music player (e.g. an Mp3 player with speakers).
  • A computer system: a PC, printer, access to e-mail and the Internet
  • A telephone with voice mail or an answering machine.

What’s included in your investment

  • A turn-key business operation
  • Teaching manual with complete curriculums and lesson plans.
  • Operational manual
  • Your own web-page
  • Online registration system
  • Franchisee Portal
  • Email marketing system
  • Easy free online training for two
  • Retail discount and retail commission


Why are we different from another music education program?

  • Low cost investment
  • No mandatory purchases like teacher kits or students kits
  • No inventory required
  • We provide you with a web-page and registration system.
  • Easy free online training.
  • More affordable classes for parents – more profit for you.
  • More program options – more profit for you.
  • Retail commission for selling products.
  • Drop-in model allows you to expend and add new customers constantly and while not relying on semester based registration.
  • Fast cash from drop-ins
  • Birthday parties option
  • School program available
  • Can operate the business from your home.
  • Full time /part time – it’s up to you.
  • Focusing on fun! Using current and popular music in class plus well known children songs makes the kids and parents dance and sing the entire time.
  • ABC Do-Re-ME! curriculum allows the teacher’s personality to dictate the class structure, music genres and the flexibility for the teacher to improvise.
  • New activities and suggestions uploaded daily to the franchise portal. You are able to view a video, listen to a song or read comments.
  • We promote your talent – we promote songs and books that are written by our talented teachers
  • New curriculums and programs are added every year.
  • Guest appearance available – artists, authors that want to promote their product will be happy to teach am class with you.